I don’t know where I got my “pregnant/milking” fetish from but I’ve got it! Maybe I wasn’t breastfed as a child… dunno=) Whatever the case, I developed pregnantCoeds.com to show you my pregnant/milking adventures! To be honest, I spent the last few yrs searching the net for an EXCLUSIVE 18-25yr old pregnant/lactating college girl site and I didn’t find any! Yep… NONE! Most of the sites I found had shitty content, which has been seen on hundreds of sites! Needless to say, I was disappointed! Inside PregnantCoeds.com, you’ll see my sexy, pregnant and/or lactating college girls posing, squirting their milk by hand or breast pump, shaking their ass, masturbating and teasing my camera. If you’re into pregnant/lactating girls, you’ll love my site... I GUARANTEE IT! I'M TRULY ADDICTED TO BREASTMILK!! See ya inside! Mike

I spent a few months trying to find the best pregnant and/or lactating cam sites out there. After trial, error and a shitload of wasted money... I found a kick ass site that has the best, friendliest girls out there! There's no bs or anything like that, just sexy knocked up girls who love to get nude, tease and squirt their breastmilk! Have fun and tell em PregnantCoeds sent ya=) Click the link below. Mike

Pregnant and Lactating Cam Girls

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